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Excerpt from Jelly’s Notebook:

When I was thirteen my father opened a portal between my world and yours. He gave me a plasma-charm to wear. The charm is mostly blue with green landmasses and swirling white clouds. This charm is what Earth looks like I’m told. I was also told that someone on your planet has a plasma-charm of our home-sphere, Red Rainbow Minor. This charm would be mostly red, of course, covered in ever-changing rainbow swirls with gold and black sparkles thrown in for effect. These two charms, and the belief of the two wearers in my father’s dream, are what keep the portal he created opened.

My father gave his life to create this portal. I hope that I can live up to his dream.

- Jellybean Reds, age 17

Note from The Character Factory®:

Snow was falling Christmas Eve outside the old theatre. Time was forgotten here that’s why the magic was collecting and why, at precisely fifteen-minutes to midnight, a mysterious invitation arrived at my urban loft some blocks away. The invitation was to an opening. This was strange, especially since the old theatre, where the opening was slated to take place, had been closed for several years. I, having experienced more than a few magical occurrences at the old warehouse where I lived, thought nothing of the invitation or its manner of arrival. So I went. There I met a handsome young magician who told me of a scheme to open up a portal between his world and mine. It was to be a gift to his teenage daughter, the fulfillment of a promise that her story would be told here on Earth. To accomplish this goal the magician needed an envoy—thus the reason for my invitation. It would be a life changing experience, he warned.

Nevertheless, I accepted.

Now, it is my belief in this magician’s dream that keeps the portal open and my talents that allow his daughter’s tale to unfold here on Earth.

The art and text on this website comes from the notebook of Jellybean Reds, age 17 (unless otherwise noted) and is updated often.

- Tessla Queen – Official Envoy, Cratersville

What's a Bing?

A colorful, bead-like orb filled with Magic.

A stylized character created in Jellybean’s Notebook, specifically one with the legs and arms attached directly to the head (not to be confused with a Skidoodle, which has longer appendages). These creations have been known to come to life—usually without Jellybean’s knowledge.

An image that evokes emotion—especially one featuring Magical elements such as colorful orbs and blue-tinged stars.

To Bing (verb): the act of sharing an image or character you like. Only characters and images from this website qualify for such a prestigious designation.

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